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Each year thousands of high school athletes are overlooked, by colleges and universities, for scholarship consideration. Some athletes are overlooked for valid reasons, they're too small, too slow, etc. However, many athletes who have the skills universities and colleges are looking for go unnoticed because they attend smaller, rural high schools. Many athletes are simply unfamiliar with today's recruiting process, or perhaps they receive little or no help from their school's athletic program director or high school coach. SportsWorx is here to help those athletes.

Football PlayerWho is SportsWorx?
SportsWorx is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals from around the country looking to help prospective high school athletes achieve their goals. SportsWorx provides high school athletes unparalleled exposure throughout their high school career.

SportsWorx is not an agency. Our job is networking on behalf of the athletes. What we offer is exposure across the country. This increased visibility gives athletes and their guardians the ability to choose wisely between the colleges, or universities, that best fit their individual needs.

SportsWorx is the most dynamic, technologically innovative athletic marketing firm available to high school athletes and their parents today. SportsWorx offers an athlete the ultimate medium of self-promotion and career management: a high-visibility, online athletic profile that allows the student-athlete to display their sports records and academic statistics to collegiate athletic programs throughout the United States. Today's scholarship-seeking athletes no longer have to depend solely on their local coaches. SportsWorx brings nationwide visibility to athletes attending even small and remote schools.

Through SportsWorx's extensive database of promising, registered student-athletes, college and university coaching staffs can search either manually or by using an "e-Scout," a powerful cyber tool, 24x7, and be notified of the best prospects automatically.

How SportsWorx works for College and University Coaches:
By using SportsWorx's "e-scouting," made possible with today's latest technology, a college coach or scout may search our athlete database based on specific statistics: i.e., GPA, ACT or SAT scores, height, weight, state of residence, et al. Each coach, registered with the SportsWorx program, can create specifically detailed searches that run on our database of athletes, ensuring that the most qualified prospects never miss their chance to play collegiate sports. Moreover, SportsWorx allows an athlete's profile to be conveniently viewed by both the athlete and any college recruiter at any time, night or day.

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