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Starting early gives you much better chances


Your junior and senior years are critical for accomplishing the things that you need to do to put you ahead of the pack.

Tasks for Juniors Tasks for Seniors

SportsWorx is an invaluable partner that gives you the tools you need to...

  • Build an online athlete profile and get it in front of the right coaches. You can even show video clips!
  • Choose the colleges that are really best for the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Show you what to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done.

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Maintain Good Grades - Believe it or not, the first thing coaches ask for when they are looking for a prospective athlete is GPA. It is really important to keep your grades up if you want a coach to seriously consider you.

Prepare for the SAT or ACT test - Similar to keeping your grades up, scoring well on the SAT or ACT test can make a coaches decision to choose you over someone else with similar athletic abilities that much easier.

Update your athletic resume and game film - When you present yourself to a prospective coach you need to be prepared. This includes putting together a resume that tells about your grades, athletic highlights and stats and other pertinent information. By this time you be putting together game film that you can show as well. The SportsWorx Online Athlete Profile provides you with your own online web site to build this resume to share with coaches. You even have the option of having video clips shown on your website.

Create a list of local colleges that you would consider attending and a few schools outside your area - Choosing the right college is a difficult proposition. Obviously looking for a school that has a sports program and coach that is a match for you is a priority but you need to spend at least as much time, if not more, researching the academic program related to the field of study you are interested in. If you are not happy there you won't be happy overall.

Prepare for your FAFSA - Getting your finances in order and filling out the FAFSA forms correctly can be a daunting task but an essential one unless you want to spend extra thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on your college education.

Call a few coaches on your list - Let them know of your interest and BE PREPARED to talk intelligently to the coach about why you want to play for them.

  • Go to the schools athletic website in advance of the call and review the current roster and previous years record.
  • Compare your skill sets to players they are already working with and why you feel you would be the best candidate for them.
  • At this point be prepared that the coach may ask for more information about you. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Have this prepared in advance and send it to them and follow up to ensure that they have received it and reviewed it. The faster they get it the better.
  • Treat this like a job interview! Put your best foot forward.

Tasks for Seniors

Maintain Good Academics - If you have read through the other year's tasks you are probably tired of hearing this but we can not stress it enough. By far the first thing coaches ask us when they are looking for athletes is "I need an athlete with at least an X.XX GPA..."

Update your game film footage and resume - Coaches want to see you in action, but what if they are in another state? You should have highlight tapes of your play ready to show to them to make their job easier. As a member or the SportsWorx national database you have the option available to add up to 6 minutes of film highlights to your website.

Determine your FAFSA score before January 1st and apply for it - This process takes a lot of preliminary work so you really should start a few months in advance. Remember, the first people to apply get the money and if you don't fill it out correctly or if you have not positioned your finances correctly you could end up paying much more for your education than you need to.

Narrow the list of colleges down - Narrow your list down to the schools that expressed interest in you and that meet your academic requirements.

Land the opportunity as soon as possible - The sooner you can sign with a school the better but remember, it is not a done deal until both you and the school have signed a formal letter of intent!


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